Celebrities will go to Mountain Lake Lodge for 'Dirty Dancing' themed reality show

Lodge attracts fans from around the world

GILES COUNTY, Va. – Mountain Lake Lodge has news that's been tough to keep under wraps. 

As many know, the Giles County lodge served as a filming location for the iconic movie "Dirty Dancing." Now, according to the lodge, a new Australian TV series called "The Real Dirty Dancing" is sending eight celebrities there to be coached by "Dancing with the Stars" judges. 

The ultimate prize is playing the roles of Baby and Johnny in a theatre performance in Australia. 

According to MediaWeek, the Australian celebrities coming are: 

Hugh Sheridan, actor                     
Anne Edmonds, comedian
Firass Dirani, actor                          
Anna Heinrich, media personality
Jamie Durie, presenter                     
Jessica Rowe, journalist/presenter/author
Jude Bolton, AFL commentator        
Stephanie Rice, retired Olympic swimmer

Fans come from all over the world to Pembroke to get a glimpse of movie magic. The lodge was recently named one of the top movie destinations by TripAdvisor.