State police remind drivers to 'move over' during move over month

ROANOKE, Va – June is move over month and law enforcement officers say you can save a life by moving over for red, blue and amber lights. Police, emergency crews and other workers who spend time on the side of the road  say they're continuing to experience problems with drivers not following the law.

The move over law  states that drivers have to change lanes to give more space for official vehicles working on the side of the road. The law applies to police, emergency crews, tow trucks and transportation workers. 

It requires drivers to slow down drastically if they're unable to move over. State police created their 2019 campaign video to make drivers more aware.

Trooper Joseph Turner in the Salem division says he's always keeping an eye on his surroundings doing traffic stops.

"A lot of times, we'll have backup on stops. People will come to assist us. If the other units are good and doesn't need anything, and we've witnessed it not slowing down or moving over and there's plenty of room, then that officer so will go after the person that did move over and address the issue with them," said Turner. 

In July, a trooper in his cruiser barely avoided a crash during a traffic stop on Interstate 5-81 near Valley View Mall.

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