Woman spreading positive message about pit bulls in light of investigation in Roanoke

Police investigating after three pit bulls found dead in home, fourth emaciated

ROANOKE, Va. – A Vinton woman is trying to spread a positive message about pit bulls as Roanoke police investigate a possible case of animal abuse and neglect involving four pit bulls.

"They are just such great dogs. I've always been a pit bull owner," the Vinton woman, who asked not to be identified, said.

On Friday night, she took one of the four pit bulls from her friend's mother's house to care for it.

Pictures show the dog looking emaciated.

The woman says the dog and three others were staying at her friend's mother's house as a favor for a friend of the friend.

Three of the dogs were found dead in the basement Friday night.

She says one was half-eaten.

The Vinton woman has since surrendered the lone surviving dog to animal control so an investigation can be done, but she worries animal control may be doing more harm than good.

"I took care of her for X amount of days, and she's used to my family and my animals. Why wouldn't you allow her to be successful in my home and learn a different way of life than what she was taught?" the woman said. 

"That's my concern. They did tell me in about 20 days or so, they would have full custody, and then I could possibly get her, but until then, she's just being locked away...It's just sad because here it is, another case with these dogs dead, and the first thing people are going to say is, 'Pit bulls are vicious.' No, the people that own them are vicious."

On Friday, 10 News reached out to the police department for comment and to get video of the dog, but 10 News was told the department is not commenting, and to protect the integrity of the investigation, the department does not want any video of the dog being publicized.

The woman plans to adopt the dog when it becomes available.

As of Friday afternoon, no charges had been filed in this case.