Floyd Country Store completes kitchen expansion

Store will now serve dinner, offer catering and grab-and-go items

FLOYD COUNTY, Va. – The expansion of Floyd Country Store's kitchen was a lot more work than owner Dylan Locke expected.

"We did sort of have to redo everything -- the floors, the wall surfaces, the ceilings -- and treat it to be a commercial kitchen," Locke said.

The kitchen was supposed to make its dinner debut Tuesday, but an overnight water line break kept the store closed Tuesday.

"The addition of the kitchen here at the Floyd Country Store will allow us to provide catering services and grab-and-go menu items that people can take home with them," Locke said.

Employees at businesses in Floyd are excited, as well, for the store's expansion.

"Occasionally, I would probably come and have dinner. I think it's wonderful," Paige Dalton said.

"We're really excited about the ice cream and food. Everybody knows the Country Store. People come from all over just to go to the Country Store," Chelsa Yoder said.

The excitement has not gone unnoticed by Locke.

"We are hearing very positive feedback from the community and we'll really enjoy being able to provide that extra meal every day," Locke said.

To see the dinner hours and menu, click here.