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Scott's Cheap Flights claims average savings of $550

HOUSTON (KPRC) – Tom and Danel Brodie were recently gearing up to save hundreds of dollars in just a matter of minutes.

They were buying tickets to fly to Europe for what most people in Texas would pay to fly to Los Angeles or Chicago. And it's all because they discovered a company called Scott’s Cheap Flights, which promises to save travelers an average of $550 per ticket.

For a family of four, that would mean savings of more than $2,000.

“When we heard about Scott’s, we started looking for airfares to Italy," Danel Brodie said. "My husband just became Catholic, and I wanted to show him the Vatican. We found a trip on Scott’s from Houston to Rome for $376 a person, and normally, that would probably (have) been about $1,200."

On that trip to Rome, the Brodies estimate they saved more than $800 per ticket.

“The prices are just unbelievable," Tom Brodie said. "And you’re flying on major airlines, not some bargain basement airline."

Scott’s Cheap Flights is basically a club that you join, and in return, you receive email alerts about upcoming, super-low-cost flights.

First, you sign up with your email address and a password. Second, you choose the airport you want to fly out of. You can actually pick several.

Once you're all signed up, you'll start receiving email alerts, detailing the hottest international deals around, each containing a link that you can click on to actually purchase that plane ticket.

You are normally given a specific time range of when those flights are available, for example, November through January, excluding holidays.

Sometimes even major holidays are included.

Scott’s Cheap Flights offers two different types of memberships.

The first is totally free, meaning, of course, it doesn't cost anything. The second is called the premium membership, and it runs $49 for a year. The premium membership gives you access to more deals. 

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