Dozens of suspected drug dealers arrested in Patrick County undercover investigation

65 of 191 people arrested


As of 4 p.m. Wednesday, 20 more people have been arrested as part of a two-year undercover drug investigation. 

65 people out of the 191 individuals facing charges have now been put behind bars. 

Authorities say arrest teams will be out searching for wanted individuals over the next few weeks. 

"We've always had a methamphetamine problem and we always had a large majority of our cases selling meth. But over the last year or two we've seen an influx of opioids, prescription pills, heroin. So it was important to us to try and stop that influx or at least slow it down so we don't bring that type of drug or crowd into our community," said Stephanie Vipperman, Patrick County Commonwealth's Attorney.  


Nearly 200 people face more than 650 charges as part of a two-year undercover drug investigation in Patrick County.

The sheriff's office reports that dozens of officers have started making arrests. So far, they have arrested 40 people of the 191.

According to Sheriff Dan Smith,  this is the largest drug operation ever conducted in Patrick County.

About 100 of those indicted are Patrick County residents. The others are from Henry County, bordering North Carolina counties, and Carroll County. 

"I hope it is understood that we will not tolerate this poison in our county, " Smith said in a statement. 

The indictments are sealed and can stay that way until September. 

The majority of those arrested are accused meth and heroin dealers, but some are also facing gun charges. 

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