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More SNAP incentives coming to Roanoke Co+op

Double your SNAP dollars

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Roanoke Co+op now offers more incentives to SNAP/EBT shoppers by doubling their SNAP dollars spent on fresh produce with Virginia Fresh Match, according to Co+op officials. 

Virginia Fresh Match now doubles the value of SNAP benefits spent at participating farmers markets and retail grocery stores. 

For example, a SNAP shopper who purchases $40 in fresh fruits and vegetables, only pays $20.

“Agriculture is Virginia’s leading industry yet many families struggle to afford fresh fruits and vegetables needed for a healthy lifestyle. Applied as a food security strategy in many communities, accepting and doubling SNAP at farmers markets and grocery retailers makes fresh food more equitable and affordable. The FINI grant allows Virginia Fresh Match to expand to more sites and to plan for the sustained future of nutrition incentives across the Commonwealth,” said Maureen Best, LEAP Director and Virginia Fresh Match Co-Lead.


Roanoke Co+op, founded in 1975, is the largest food co-op in Virginia and is one of the 70+ Virginia Fresh Match incentive sites out of all eight regions of Virginia.


For more information about these and other local Virginia Fresh Match sites, click here.