Angels of Assisi in need of donations after rehabbing 50 dogs from hoarding situation

Dogs required $15,000 worth of medical expenses but are now ready for adoption

ROANOKE, Va. – The 50 dogs rescued from a Russell County hoarding situation are nearly ready for adoption, but their medical expenses took a big bite out of Angels of Assisi's budget.

Angels of Assisi Executive Director Lisa O'Neill says the dogs required around $15,000 worth of medical care since they were taken in last month. The organization depends on donations to survive, so it launched a fundraiser on its Facebook page to help cover the costs of the rehab.

"A lot of them have had to have packs put in their ears to help clear up ear infections. Many of them need dental work, and then it's a matter of spaying and neutering 50 dogs," O'Neill said.

O'Neill says the work is all worth it if it means the dogs find safe homes in the end.

"We loved them from the minute they came in," O'Neill said. "These guys will be highly adoptable pets. They're social, they're friendly and they like to be with other dogs because that's what they're used to."

Some have already been adopted. Roanoke resident Jim Crowgey adopted a dachshund named Sally to help his wife.

"My wife has dementia and is wheelchair-bound," Crowgey said. "I thought this might be a comfort to her if I can sit beside her holding the dog so she can stroke it."

Crowgey said he could not wait to bring Sally home.

"I'm looking forward to spending our lifetime together," Crowgey said. "I'm hoping she'll outlast me, but it's whichever of us goes first."

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