Man sentenced after using stolen Floyd County truck to loot from homes abandoned in Hurricane Harvey

He took the truck for a 'test drive' and never returned

FLOYD COUNTY, Va. – A thief who stole a truck from a Floyd County family, then used it to loot from Hurricane Harvey victims, will serve seven years, according to the commonwealth's attorney.

On the morning of Aug. 16, 2017, Harry Lucas of West Virginia went to see a Ford pickup being advertised on Craigslist. He met the family selling the truck, left behind a BMW with Nevada plates and took it for a "test drive" -- but never returned. 

After more than an hour, Lucas told the family that he was in Christiansburg getting the money to buy the truck. Once more time passed without any word from Lucas, the family contacted the Floyd County Sheriff's Office. 

Deputies found that the BMW left behind by Lucas was stolen from Nevada and had been carefully cleaned to remove any fingerprints. However, an investigator was able to recover some fingerprints left on the sunroof as well as a fast food receipt, which led to photos of Lucas. This led to warrants for Lucas' arrest. 

Lucas was arrested on September 4 in Houston, Texas, where he was reportedly using the stolen truck to loot homes abandoned during flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. He was charged and convicted of theft charges in Texas. 

Once he completed his sentence in Texas, he was extradited back to Floyd County to stand trial for the stolen truck. 

Lucas was tried in Floyd County Circuit Court in March for grand larceny. He told the court that his trip to Texas was just an "extended test drive" and denied any intent to steal the pickup. The judge didn't buy Lucas' claim, and he was convicted. 

At his sentencing Tuesday, the Commonwealth showed evidence of Lucas' 18-year-long criminal history, which included 18 felony convictions across nine states -- many of them being thefts and frauds. 

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