NC couple pays $25,000 to clone cat, bring Cinnabun II to life

Texas-based company clones dogs, cats and horses

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. – A North Carolina couple couldn't bear to break the bond they had with their cat.

After 19-year-old Cinnabun died, the Bullerdicks decided to do something a little unconventional: spend $25,000 to clone their cat.

The couple found a Texas-based company, ViaGen Pets, known for cloning dogs, cats and horses, and provided a skin and saliva sample, thus paving the way for Cinnabun II.


Ashley and Brian Bullerdick say the now 5-month-old acts and looks just like its predecessor.

As for a possible Cinnabun III, the husband and wife say they aren't counting it out but hope their newest cat lives a long, full life like the first Cinnabun.

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