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Animal shelter says don't let your pet become a 4th of July runaway

Animal shelter offers safety tips for pets ahead of holiday fireworks

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Don’t let your pet become a 4th of July runaway. 

That’s what animal shelter officials are saying before fireworks launch across Virginia on Thursday. 

Experts at the Lynchburg Humane Society say cats and dogs should be microchipped and wear their tags with their name and address. 

The shelter says pet owners should prep their homes and make sure fences and doors are secure.

And prep your dogs too.

“Let them have their bathroom breaks in the evening. Hunker down with them during the fireworks or keep them in a secure spot. Play music to mask the sounds of the noise. Have the TV on. If they need a thunder shirt, have them wear that,” Julie Barger, director of development, said. 

The animal shelter said if your dog runs away, call your local shelter first then post to social media.