Roanoke Co+op to stop using plastic bags

Grocery store will stop using bags Aug. 31

ROANOKE, Va. – A popular Roanoke grocery store is making a change to try to help the environment.

Roanoke Co+op will stop using plastic bags at the end of August.

The store's marketing manager, John Bryant, says this is something customers and the community at large have been asking for.

He estimated the store gets about 5,000 customers a week, so no longer using plastic bags could have a big impact on the environment.

"We've been working to reduce our plastic usage, but that's one of the things, you come to the grocery store and you hear, 'Paper or plastic?' That's a tricky transition, so for us it was just kind of the right time," Bryant said.

He said the store's move to be more environmentally conscious could be good for business by encouraging more people to shop there.