Should truck drivers be given more time on the road?

Christiansburg trucking company weighs in on proposal

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va.- – Should truck drivers be given more time on the road? Right now, federal regulations limit drive time to 11 hours per day within a 14-hour on-duty period, but a proposal wants to extend those hours.

Altis Enterprises and LAS Trucking and Construction keep a close eye on their drivers. Depending on the day, they manage up to 16 drivers on the road each day.

Using technology, they can track the location, speed and hours of each person in real time.

"We have our road tractors under e-log mandates, so there's the 11-hour drive time, the 14-hour work duty shift, which is across the board what all the companies have to abide by," said Andrea Altis, transportation manager. 
Andrea Altis says they'll get a notification when drivers are close to being over their time.

"So really they need to watch where they are at and where they are delivering," Altis said. 

The Department of Transportation is looking to relax the federal rules that govern how many hours a day truck drivers can be behind the wheel.  The Christiansburg company isn't necessarily opposed to the idea.

"You don't know what you're going to get until you run through that. And other companies will probably agree with me that there are some things that maybe could be tweaked or loosened and not so stringent rules," said Altis. 

But safety is still a priority with whatever changes may come. Their drivers make local and East Coast routes from Maine to Florida.

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