Fake officer gets a surprise when he's pulled over by off-duty deputy


HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. – A man pretending to be an officer got quite the surprise when he tried to pull someone over -- and that person was an off-duty deputy. 

WFLA reports that Barry Hastings Jr., 35, turned on white and amber lights that were installed in his black Crown Victoria and pulled behind a Lee County Sheriff's deputy. 

The real deputy asked Hastings for his credentials twice, but Hastings kept saying he left them back at the station and asked the real deputy to follow him there so he could prove it. 

Once the deputy threatened to get some real law enforcement officers involved, Hastings drove away. He was eventually stopped and arrested. 

When Hastings was arrested, deputies found a CB radio, a functional siren box and a light set up inside the car. No handcuffs or guns were found. 

Hastings faces charges for impersonating an officer. 

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