Salem gun store owner concerned about proposed state gun law changes

Special legislative session to discuss changes begins Tuesday

SALEM, Va. – At least one local gun store owner is not too worried about next week's special legislative session in Richmond to discuss potential changes to Virginia’s gun laws.

Greg Puckett owns West Salem Guns and Tactical in Salem.

He doesn’t believe Democrats have enough votes to pass any of the changes Gov. Ralph Northam has suggested.

Those changes include banning assault weapons and silencers and only allowing people to buy one handgun a month.

Puckett said any changes would likely hurt his business once they go into effect, but in the meantime, the proposed changes are actually good for business.

"When they say they’re going to ban something, everybody runs and buys what they can get their hands on, but I don’t want to lose any of those rights as a gun owner and I don’t want to see anybody else lose those rights," Puckett said.

The special session starts Tuesday.