Blue Bell ice cream truck stolen just days after 'ice cream licker' incident

Driver says he accidentally left keys inside truck

(iStock / SoleilC)

DEL CITY, Okla. – You probably heard of the Blue Bell "ice cream licker" this week in Texas, but now one of the company's ice cream trucks was stolen from a Walmart in Oklahoma. 

The truck was stolen Wednesday, but it was found with the ice cream untouched this time, according to police. 

Surveillance video released by the Del City Police Department shows a man walking around where the delivery trucks are parked. 

The driver says he accidentally left the keys inside the truck. 

Even though the truck was found, the left still a felony in Oklahoma according to officers.

Even though the ice cream was left untouched, Blue Bell says it is still throwing it all away.

Police are still searching for the sweet thief.