How to stick to a healthy routine on your summer vacation

Experts with the Calorie Control Council have tips to stay on track

(FreeImages.com/Ivan Prole)

It's prime time of vacation season! Whenever you're headed for your summer getaway, a change in routine can make it hard to maintain healthy habits. But, it is possible to stay on track.

Experts with the Calorie Control Council say when eating, you should skip the buffet and order an entree instead.

Choose one dish and order the veggies instead of fries to keep your calories in check.

Also, try to make sure you get your steps in. Walk to a nearby coffee shop each morning, take a stroll on the beach or plan a hike to stay active.

Make sure to keep a water bottle filled and on hand so you don't get dehydrated.

Experts also say rest is important on vacation. A lack of sleep can make you feel run down which can lead to overeating.