Bankruptcy could be blessing in disguise for Goodwill stores in, around Danville

Bankruptcy could lead to improved service

ROANOKE, Va. – Goodwill Industries of the Valleys oversees 37 Goodwill stores in and around Roanoke.

Now, it's one of two chapters in Virginia that could take over Goodwill of South Central Virginia's seven stores.

"Seems like a lot of our territory's mostly rural, small communities, and they're not really growing," Goodwill of South Central Virginia Vice President Chris Wright said.

Wright said that lack of growth could be a blessing in disguise though.

"We can offer more programs, better fringe benefits for the employees and our program participants. We'll be able to offer more for the community, and with their assistance, we'll be able to collaborate more with other nonprofits," Wright explained.

Goodwill of the Valleys External Affairs Vice President Kelly Sandridge said there is some overlap between the chapter's operations and Goodwill of South Central Virginia's operations, but whether that will result in any job loss is unclear.

"We're currently looking at what efficiencies will be gained by our organization taking over in that area if that's what happens, and with that could come some job loss, but for the most part we hope that many of the employees will choose to come to Goodwill of the Valleys and be employed," Sandridge said.

Goodwill of South Central Virginia has 160 employees, while Goodwill of the Valleys has around 1,000.

"We are a very strong organization and we're looking for ward to the opportunity to be able to offer those services down in Danville and the surrounding area," Sandridge said.

"All the employees and everybody with the association (have) known this, what was taking place, for two months. We've kept everybody abreast of the changes," Wright said. "Seems like the majority of people are very excited.'

The bankruptcy process is expected to be complete by the end of next month

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