Roanoke County leaders working to find how to pay for repairs to aging schools

ROANOKE, Va. – Roanoke County leaders need to figure how to pay for repairs at their aging schools.

The county board of supervisors and the school board met Tuesday night for a joint meeting.

A number of schools need work, and if the funding stream stays steady, it would take 25 years to get it all finished.

The board laid out why they cannot wait and need to figure out how to get it done sooner, but the supervisors say there's no magic solution.

"Now means now. It's not that it could wait two years, three years, we feel that to provide the best instructional environment for the staff and the students that these buildings need to be done now," said Don Butzer, Roanoke County school board chairman. "This is an ongoing discussion and this was the beginning, this was not an ending and everything is always evolving as you move forward."

The two boards hope to meet again before the end of the year to discuss more.  

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