Who is Tom Steyer, Democratic candidate for president?

Billionaire plans to spend $100 million of own money on campaign

After spending the last few years spearheading a campaign to impeach Donald Trump as president, Tom Steyer has announced he is entering the race to try and defeat him in the next election.

Just one day after one candidate dropped out of the race, the 62-year-old Steyer announced he was joining the massive list of Democratic candidates seeking the party’s nomination.

Steyer is a billionaire who made his fortune as a hedge fund manager and has been both a philanthropist and fundraiser for the Democratic party.

Steyer was a prominent fundraiser for Barack Obama’s successful presidential bid in 2008 and for Hillary Clinton in 2016. 

During his announcement, Steyer said he would pledge $100 million of his own money on his campaign. 

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Tom Steyer file
Home state: California
Family: Wife Kat, four children
Background: A billionaire who made his fortune as a hedge fund manager, Steyer has been a prominent fundraiser for the Democratic Party during presidential elections, including for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. He has led an impeachment effort against President Donald Trump since 2017 and is a known philanthropist. 
Website: https://www.tomsteyer.com

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