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How knowing your car's glass could save your life

A third of 2018 cars have windows that can only be shattered with a special tool

ROANOKE, Va. – A new report shows that knowing if your car's side windows are tempered or laminated could help save your life in a crash.

Side windows are usually tempered and you can use special tools to break through them if you're trapped inside a car.

But a recent AAA test found that one-third of 2018 car models have laminated front and side windows that can only be shattered with specialized equipment not sold in most stores.

Experts recommend drivers inspect their car windows or contact their manufacturer to find out if their windows are tempered or laminated and come up with an escape plan.

"Make sure this tool is close by. Keep your cellphone close by. Your cellphone is going to be your lifeline to getting you the best way out of the vehicle," said Keith Teaford, the COO for Custom Truck Body.

Click here to view the full list of vehicles sold in the U.S. with laminated glass.

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