Staying safe in the heat: Don't get burned

Current heatwave could cause surfaces to become dangerously hot

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Cecilia Castellanos always has safety in mind when she and her kids are outside in the heat.

“We definitely use sunblock, a hat, bring water with us,” Castellanos said.

She tries to keep her kids in areas where they hopefully won’t get burned by hot surfaces.

“I try to keep them in the sand. Sometimes, we go to the Huckleberry (Trail)...They are safe and they can play in nature,” she said.

Travis Wood was also out on the track Thursday.

He said the hot surface of the track is something he’s mindful of.

“Gotta make sure you’re wearing decent shoes. You can tell once you’re pushing it too hard," Wood said. "Generally, towards the end of the run you’ll start to feel it a little bit, whether or  not it’s mental or physical. Sometimes you’ve got to push through it, sometimes you have to know your limits."

Not everyone is willing to brave the heat, though.

The Blacksburg Aquatic Center has had people come in recently because the temperature is too hot to be outside.

A group of summer campers were there Thursday for that very reason.

“A couple of days ago when it was a little bit cooler, we were at the park. Today, we're at the pool. There's definitely a schedule, a method to the madness,” camp counselor Caroline Jones said.

An infrared thermometer showed the temperature of the surface around the pool to be about 20 degrees cooler than the ground outside, providing some relief.

Skin can start to burn when the temperature reaches 109 degrees.

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