Mill Mountain Zoo proactive in keeping animals cool

Some animals given frozen food, air conditioning

ROANOKE, Va. – Mill Mountain Zoo is taking steps to make sure animals stay cool in the heat.

On Friday, a raccoon was given a bucket of ice with treats in it.

Other animals were given frozen food.

Some animals also have fans and misters in their cages and rooms with air conditioning.

"We try to make sure that we're getting ahead of that heat. So first thing in the morning, we're making sure those night houses are already cooled down to the temps they need to be. We've got the fans and the misters going up first thing in the morning so that we're not getting that to the animals too late in the day," animal department manager Julia Franet-Hornbeck said.

She said the zoo's proactive approach has prevented any heat-related issues with the animals during the heat wave.

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