Research shows mosquitoes may be smarter than we think

BLACKSBURG, Va. – New research shows mosquitoes may be smarter than we think.

Virginia Tech researchers have found the insects are changing their hunting routines in response to certain cues.

Specifically, scientists have quilearned how vision and sense of smell affect the way mosquitoes track their victims.

They did this by looking at how they fly in a virtual reality flight simulator and analyzing their brain activity.

The results shows mosquitoes are more complex than originally thought

"We could leverage this information, this new knowledge, to design better traps or baits to attract mosquitoes and catch them before they bite us or maybe design some clothing with some specific patterns and repel mosquitoes," assistant professor of biochemistry Clément Vinauger said.

Researchers said this is a big step in learning about mosquitoes and how they impact us.

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