Danville firefighters get new training for hazardous material spill

Firefighters train this week on simulated overturned train car

DANVILLE, Va. – Danville firefighters are getting some new training to prepare for a hazardous material spill.

On Wednesday, members of the regional hazmat team trained on a simulated overturned train car.

In the past, they've always trained on a simulated car that was not turned over.

They said training on the simulated overturned car is more realistic.

"Our kits that we use are extremely heavy and our suits that we use decrease our visibility and our dexterity," Danville Emergency Management cordinator Tim Duffer said. "So, working at it and having to hold it up, having to hold that weight up, is a challenge and that is something new that we're going to have to work through."

The training started Tuesday and will continue Thursday.

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