Local college grad seeking job hands out resumes at intersection

Austin Morton graduated from Liberty in May with mechanical engineering degree

ROANOKE, Va. – Austin Morton, 23, graduated in May from Liberty University with a mechanical engineering degree and a minor in math.

After months of unsuccessfully applying for jobs, his mother and her friend came up with an idea.

"They kind of said it would be a good idea, instead of just waiting around, why not see if you can put yourself out there. I was, like, 'Well, there's nothing else to lose,'" Morton said.

He put on a suit and tie, draped a laminated sign around his neck, printed out some resumes and spent hours Thursday morning walking up and down the sidewalk at the intersection of Williamson and Plantation roads.

"I'm not going to lie, it's really tough just waiting around. I'm ready to just get my hands on something, whether it's a computer or doing some actual work," Morton said.

After about an hour, he had handed out three resumes.

"That actually really makes me feel better. It's just very satisfying," Morton said. "One guy told me he owned a company and he was going to look into it. The other one told me she'll try to give me a call back when, I guess, she gets the chance."

Speaking of chances, he now feels like his chance of getting a job soon is much better than it was before.

His message for fellow job seekers?

"Apply online as well, but I would also put myself out there. I thought this was going to be weird at first and I was a little nervous. But to be honest, after doing it I feel much more confident," Morton said.

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