Elementary schooler will wear 'I will be your friend' shirt to first day of school

Wants everyone at school to know he's there for them

(Photo Credit: Nikki Rajahn)

FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. – A Georgia 6-year-old is brightening up the day of people across the country after showing off his friendship t-shirt that he will wear to his first day of class, according to WCYB

Blake Rajahn will walk into class at North Fayette Elementary with new clothes like many other kids, but his shirt will carry a message. His mother, Nikki, made him a shirt that says, "I will be your friend."

Nikki owns a personalization business and told her son she would make him any shirt he wanted for his first day of school.

"I told him that as a back-to-school gift, I will make him any shirt he would like. It could have anything – a basketball theme, football, whatever," Nikki said. "He thought a while and said, 'Will you please make me a shirt that says 'I will be your friend' for all the kids who need a friend to know that I am here for them?"

So, Nikki did just that. Blake will wear an orange shirt with the message in green letters. She says Blake was bullied at school before, and he wants others to know that he is there for them. Nikki says she has already sold more shirts like Blake's.

Blake hopes more people are able to find a friend on the first day of school due to the shirts.