New program encouraging fitness, reducing social isolation for senior citizens

Fitness for Good recruiting athletes, senior residents


ROANOKE, Va. – You can now get in shape and give back to the community at the same time, all thanks to a new program in the Roanoke Valley.

The program, called Fitness for Good, launched in March. Now, founders have raised enough money to get it started, but they need volunteers.

The program helps people over 65 years old who need some help around the house and gives them a little company.

Essentially, athletes run or walk to an elderly person's home and help them around the house, play games, chat or go for a walk with them. It's designed to encourage people to get in shape while reducing social isolation for people 65 and older.

The nonprofit's founders are looking for athletes, but they really need referrals for elderly individuals in the community.

"I do think there's a lot of people who, due to decreased mobility, health reasons, whatever, have a hard time getting out to participate in activities they used to enjoy, so just having someone that comes and does a social call can mean the world to them and gives them more contact with our community," said Amanda Fortuna, the president of Fitness for Good.

The program is free, but athletes need to pass a background check.

You can sign up to be an athlete or refer someone who's elderly by clicking here.

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