'I'm just very thankful': Wokology owner surprises employee with car

Keshane Williams has been working at Wokology to save money for college, car

ROANOKE, Va. – For 18-year-old Keshane Williams, this week couldn't have gotten off to a better start.

When he walked into work at Wokology, a car was parked outside with congratulatory signs on it.

He walked right past the car, not realizing it was there -- or was his -- until he came outside to talk to 10 News.

"I was excited; overwhelmed. I didn't know how to express (my emotions). I'm just very thankful for John, man," Williams said.

John is Jonathan Kelly, the owner of Wokology.

He met Williams about six months ago, when he saw Williams admiring his car.

Then, Kelly hired Williams after he reached out and said he needed a job to save up money before going off to college to get a business degree -- which Williams tells 10 News Kelly inspired him to do.

For the last month or so, Williams has walked to work.

"My friend, David Hunter, he hit me up on Facebook because he saw this post I put up about wanting to buy him a car. He was, like, 'My company's going to donate it,'" Kelly said. "I was, like, 'All?' I said, 'Let me go in 50-50.' He said, 'No, we're just going to donate it all.'"

Hunter plans to start giving away one car every three months to someone in need, and he thought Williams was the perfect person to start with.

"I've been in those shoes before, where you just need somebody to give you an opportunity. You just need somebody to give you a hand," Hunter said.

He hopes this will inspire other local companies to give back to the community.

Williams hopes this will inspire other people, as well.

"Work hard, stay motivated, always have dedication," Williams said.

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