'We got high, girl': Person texts wrong number, gets Missouri police officer

Courtesy of Winfield MO Police Department

WINFIELD, Mo. – A person in Missouri accidentally texted a police officer about getting high, and the conversation has now been shared thousands of times on social media. 

It all started with an invitation to a baseball game and the promise of a free hot dog and soda. 

When the police officer tried to tell the person that they had the wrong number, they insisted they didn't, texting, "No I don't we went to the game together." 

We were invited to go to a baseball game tonight!!!! Unfortunately we don’t think they are gonna come pick us up 🤷‍♂️

Posted by Winfield MO Police Department on Friday, August 9, 2019

The officer pressed on, asking what game they went to together. The person responded, "With Shari & Diana we got high together girl." 

Then, the officer sent a picture of him sitting in the police station holding up his badge, texting, "Pretty sure we didn't get high together." 

The conversation has been shared more than 8,000 times on Facebook.