Angels of Assisi one step closer to brand-new facility

ROANOKE, Va. – Angels of Assisi is one step closer to a brand-new facility. It's been in its current location since 2001 and now it's pretty much at the end of its life.

Hopefully by November, pets at Angels of Assisi will be approved for a new home. As Lisa O'Neill gave 10 News a tour of the current facility, there's evidence to show it's time for something new.

"The new building will have an elevator," said O'Neill. 

The sketch designs shows a two-story building, with a rooftop deck for adoption center dogs to use for their play groups.

"We did it that way so we wouldn't have to cut into parking spots,"

The location at Franklin Road and Elm Avenue isn't currently zoned for everything the clinic will offer in the future, including a retail store. 

The proposed for the new location sits between the historic district of Old Southwest and downtown. A special exception is needed in order for them to have a clinic and animal shelter at the site.

The Board of Zoning Appeals passed its special exception with certain guidelines such as only using outdoor pens and runs on the rooftop from 7:30 a.m. to 7;30 p.m. Discharge of runoff from the rooftop outdoor pen/run shall be directed to the sanitary sewer system, not the storm drain.

O'Neill said the new location will add additional parking and expand services.

"We're going to have more surgery tables and more exam rooms so that we can see more clients and more pets each day, and were also want to add on some other options with orthopedic surgeries," O'Neill said 

The application for the new location will move forward with review by the Architectural Review Board for design details of the facility. 

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