4-year-old reunited with favorite stuffed teddy bear after losing it at Roanoke library

ROANOKE, Va. – Two best friends were reunited after getting lost in the library, thanks to a local librarian and a little luck.

Four-year-old Eli lost his stuffed bear Monday at Roanoke city's main library.

Employees later found it and posted about it on Facebook.

By chance, Eli, his sister and his mom overheard employees talking about the bear when they stopped back in Wednesday.

"Very special for him, especially during these last few days for the family. So it will be very special for him to hug onto tonight," said Amber Lowery, manager of youth services.

Eli's family is going through a tough time so they're staying at the Roanoke Rescue Mission, which is where he found the bear.

It's clear he won't be letting go of his favorite stuffed animal anytime soon.

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