'Without a kidney I will not make it': Grayson County man using rocks to find transplant match

Fallon now down to under 1% kidney function

GRAYSON COUNTY, Va. – Finding a match for Robert Fallon.

That's the mission a Grayson County family is on for a 21-year-old man in desperate need of a kidney.

Two years ago, Fallon was a recent high school graduate with his whole life ahead of him. 

Then, one day, he went to the doctor thinking he had bronchitis when everything changed.

"He said, 'Mom, they said that I'm in end-stage renal failure. My kidneys are failing and they're taking me to Roanoke. I think probably you should come along with me,'" recalled Janet Fallon, Robert's mother.

"At first I was kind of in shock. I was like, 'No, this ain't real. This ain't happening," said Robert Fallon. 

When Robert was diagnosed, his kidney function was down to just 12 percent.

His only option was to start dialysis and wait for a transplant. 

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