New Parent Advisory Council giving feedback to school administrators

Roanoke County launching first meeting in Sept.

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – Roanoke County is launching its first Parent Advisory Council this year to get more input and reports from parents.

"We want feedback coming from the community, the teachers, the students, the schools coming to us. For example, we just went through changing a dress code in Roanoke County. That's a classic example of what a parent advisory council would be involved in," said School Board chair Don Butzer, who adds it will be much like the Student Advisory Council already in place.

Butzer said they've changed several things after parents asked for changes and this is just one way to streamline this.

He says there are several parents who are always involved, but they need help.

Laura Bowman is chairing the council this first year and then the group will choose the chair next year.

The first meeting is in September. All PTA or PTO presidents were invited to be the representative but they can appoint another person if needed.

Bowman says this gives every school an opportunity to have a voice in policymaking and enables the school system to bounce ideas off parents.

They plan to meet three times a year in person and Bowman will do monthly check-ins.

She says other school systems have something similar, so she's excited to see it take off in Roanoke County and get a parent engagement piece going.

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