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Law enforcement, community leaders hold walk in Lynchburg after recent crime

Walk canvassed Floyd, Pierce, Buchanan, Filmore streets

The walk was organized in response to recent crime.

LYNCHBURG, Va. – House by house, Lynchburg police, sheriff's deputies and community members walked along Buchanan, Floyd, Pierce, and Filmore streets Wednesday evening, talking to residents about recent incidents on the streets.

"The only problem I think that's still in the neighborhood at this time is something brings a lot of traffic to a certain house in the neighborhood, coming and going as though it's a convenience store," Filmore Street resident Wendell Andrews said. "I'm sure everybody can take a guess and figure out what that is."

Filmore Street resident Wilson Carter's biggest complaint is about traffic.

"We get so much traffic through this street. That's the reason you see this white gravel (in my yard), to keep my car out of the street because they'll knock your mirrors off and keep traveling," Carter said.

He's also concerned about school teachers parking along 12th Street near Robert Payne Elementary.

"They let the school teachers during the school year park, and when cars come over the top of that hill running 60, 70 miles per hour, they're going to run over somebody one of these days," Carter said. 

Residents were given documents that give them helpful information, like who to call to report different issues.

Less than 30 minutes into the walk, Police Chief Ryan Zudema said it was already paying off.

"The people that live here are the ones that know it best, so they've been telling us a lot of things they've been seeing and hearing. Hopefully, we'll be able to take those pieces of information, put them back together, tie some pieces of the puzzle together and take some action," Zuidema said.

He said additional community walks will be held as needed.