Botetourt County to get two more dry fire hydrants

Hydrants will help firefighters get water for fires quicker

BOTETOURT COUNTY, Va. – Some local firefighters will soon have a new tool to help fight fires.

Two dry hydrants will be installed within the next year in Botetourt County.

Firefighters across the region often have to use other ways to get water due to a lack of hydrants in rural areas.

Dry hydrants are pumps that suck water out of a river or pond.

One will be at the Gala boat ramp off Highway 220 while the other will be at the Glen Wilton boat ramp.

The  Botetourt County Fire and EMS Department received a grant from the Virginia Department of Forestry to install the hydrants.

"It decreases our response times and it increases our capabilities as far as being able to get water," Botetourt County Fire and EMS battalion chief Brandon Golla said.

The hydrants could also help lower the county's ISO rating, which means home insurance rates would go down.

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