Lynchburg education task force holds first meeting

Organizers have formed six subcommittees

LYNCHBURG, Va. – A group is looking into the future of Lynchburg's school system. 

A month since the creation of an education task force, the group is now made of more than 10 people and met for the first time Wednesday. 

Organizers say six subcommittees have been formed. 

Each will look at finances, long-term enrollment and track urban education trends. 

During the meeting, members learned their roles and how they will work together before presenting recommendations to City Council next year. 

"We need to have a very strong understanding of where the school system is going and how we can integrate together with all functions and all parts of this community; to make our school system the best it can possibly be in the long run," saidReid Wodicka, city manager, said.

City leaders have created a tab on  the city's website to keep the public informed and involved.