Florida officer rescues puppy ahead of Hurricane Dorian, names it Dory

Courtesy of Fort Pierce Police Department
Courtesy of Fort Pierce Police Department

FORT PIERCE, Fla. – Officers in Fort Pierce, Florida made their first hurricane rescue Tuesday. 

According to a post on the police department's Facebook page, Officer Michael Jean and another officer were on duty waiting for Hurricane Dorian to arrive when they responded to a call from a resident who said they could no longer care for a puppy. 

The puppy was only 6 weeks old and too young to be left in a shelter cage until the storm passed. 

Jean immediately fell in love and introduced the pup to the rest of his family on FaceTime, and they decided the brindle pit bull would be the newest member of the family. 

After some nudging from his fellow officers, Jean decided to name the puppy Dory, short for Dorian. 

Fort Pierce Police officers make first hurricane rescue Officer Martin Ortiz and Officer Michel Jean, while on duty...

Posted by Fort Pierce Police Department on Monday, September 2, 2019

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