Stationary bikes increase Blacksburg Middle School students' educational engagement

School has six bikes

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Riding a bike in school is not something you would think would be allowed, let alone in the school's library, but there are six bikes in Blacksburg middle school's library for students and teachers to ride.

"Those are really fun," eighth grader Cami Conaway said.

She rides the bikes multiple times a week.

"I like doing it in the morning because it wakes you up," Conaway said.

The school also has machines that sit on the floor, allowing students to pedal while they're sitting at a desk.

"They're fun and I feel like they help you concentrate if you're working on something and you need something else to do," Conaway said.

Seventh grader Morgan Carr agrees.

"I love to use them once in a while, maybe three times a week, when I'm just having those days when I just really, really tired or sometimes I just need to come in and do my work," Carr said.

It makes school more enjoyable.

"It helps me really focus on my work," Carr said.

School librarian Kelly Passek said that's the goal.

"We had another school that came to tour our school building because they were getting ready to build a new school themselves," Passek said. "As they toured the library, lots of them commented on the bikes and how much they would like to have them in their library and how beneficial they thought it would be for their students and also for their staff."

It's an exciting opportunity, Passek said, to collaborate with other school districts to pedal education to new heights.

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