FBI increases reward for Danville business owner murder on two year anniversary

Danville police said case has not gone cold despite no arrests

DANVILLE, Va. – It's been two years since a Danville business owner was killed inside the convenience store he owned. And on the anniversary of the killing, the FBI announced it's offering more money and released a new flyer hoping someone will come forward.

Tahir Mahmud was robbed at his store, the Joy Mart, and now two years later the store is long closed. Nature has begun to take it back as the weeds grow over the building. The store and the case seem to be fading into the background, but the FBI wants to stop that from happening.


Hakim Abdullah was happy to see the reward increased, but sad to know his friend's killer is still out there.

"I'm quite sure that someone out there still knows who did this," Abdullah said.

Mahmud was robbed and killed at the store and police haven't shared many more facts than just that. Just that a slim black man was seen running away from the store at the time of the crime.

Danville Police Department Lt. Michael Wallace said the case is not cold, but they're hoping to spur more information.

"We have received some calls and some tips, as well as the FBI, that everyone is following up on," Wallace said. "A lot of times these cases that you don't hear about for a couple of years there are things going on in the background that takes time to work out."

The FBI's violent gang task force is also on the case. Wallace would not elaborate on what that may mean only saying that the investigation continues.

"You can't bring it to a close as quickly as you want to, that's where we are with this case, we're trying our best to bring it to a close but sometimes it just doesn't work out that way," Wallace said.

Abdullah said Mahmud was the kind of guy to smile and take care of you. With that in mind, they hope someone else finds the crime just as sickening and comes forward.

"He was a very peaceful man and I know for a fact that he helped a lot of people out that came into his store from time to time whether for a soda or a pack of cigarettes, if they didn't have enough money, he would give it to them," Abdullah said. "It's not necessarily about the money, it's about the humanity of the whole thing, you know he was a very peaceful man."

Anyone with information is asked to contact Danville police or tips.fbi.gov

"I'm sorry to say  that I haven't spoken to his family, but I know they're still deeply saddened that no one's been caught and justice hasn't been done," Abdullah said.

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