Roanoke City couple help save man from car in Blue Ridge Parkway crash

ROANOKE, Va.- – 10 News is learning a more detailed account of what happened moments after a fatal crash on the Blue Ridge Parkway, killing the son of a Carilion Clinic vice president.

Andrew Bryan and Jessica Dean say they were driving back to Roanoke after a hike when they were stopped by the accident near mile post 132.

"When we came on the accident, we saw there were people who needed help. There's not a second thought," said Bryan. 

The couple say they helped pulled a man from his car- while others went to help the other family involved.  

"I started speaking to the young man, and he stated his leg was broken, and he needed help getting out of the vehicle. I got him over my shoulder. When I got him out the vehicle, I noticed the engine started to go up in flames," said Bryan. 

Dean said she was there to comfort him. 

"Keep him calm and talk to him and just let him know we were there for him and he will be OK," said Dean. 

Ian Mills, the son of a senior vice president at Carilion Clinic, and his parents were in the other car involved. The 44-year-old died in the crash. His parents were hurt.

According to the National Park Service, their car swerved off of the parkway down an embankment.

"Thankfully, there are other good people out there, and they were able to help that other family. And for the young man that lost his life, I feel terrible," said Bryan. 

The couple didn't want to share the man's name but said he is still recovering in the hospital. And they said will now have a lifelong bond.

"The family has already offered to take us to dinner when the young man is feeling better," said Bryan. 

A spokesperson for the Blue Ridge Parkway said the crash is still an open investigation. The section of the parkway where the crash happened is back open after being closed for several days.

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