President Trump says energy-saving light bulbs are why he always looks orange

U.S. President Donald Trump
U.S. President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump said energy-saving lightbulbs are the reason "I always look orange" while speaking to House Republicans at a policy retreat in Baltimore on Thursday.

The light bulb. People said, ‘What's with the light bulb?' I said, ‘Here's the story.' And I looked at it, the bulb that we're being forced to use, number one to me, most importantly, the light's no good. I always look orange. And so do you. The light is the worst," Trump said.


The crowd in attendance laughed at the line, although it was not certain whether Trump was joking, according to WZTV

The president also took aim at windmills during the speaking appearance, noting that, "they make noise, they kill all the birds, the energy is intermittent," before focusing on the then-ongoing Democratic debate.

"You happen to be watching the Democratic debate and the wind isn't blowing," Trump said. "You're not going to see the debate. ‘Charlie, what the hell happened to this debate?' Trump continued, ‘Darling, the wind isn't blowing. The goddamned windmill stopped.'"

Last week, the Trump administration announced its intention to eliminate requirements for energy-efficient lightbulbs initially put into place by the Bush and Obama administrations.

The Energy Department will repeal a regulation that requires an expanded number of lightbulbs in the United States to comply with stricter energy-efficient standers enacted by former president Barack Obama.

The regulation succeeded a separate signed by former president George W. Bush, which intended to phase out energy-inefficient lightbulbs such as incandescent and halogen bulbs.

The Trump administration's repeal is set to take effect on Jan. 1, 2020.