Man arrested after stealing construction vehicle in Roanoke

Police arrested the 18 year old Monday at the scene

ROANOKE, Va. – Police said a man stole a work truck as construction continued Monday afternoon on 10th St. NW in Roanoke, near Williamson Road.

Officers said 18-year-old Kaheem Combs drove off in a pickup truck for which the keys were left inside, and workers said they spotted him later when he headed back to the construction area.

Crews said they positioned a dump truck in such a way that it blocked the suspect, forcing him out of the truck.

Police said Combs tried to run away but police arrested him without a problem.

“A red DLB truck with someone I didn’t recognize came flying down the sidestreet. I was like, ‘Wow, someone’s that gutsy to steal a truck off a construction site,’” worker Joseph Marsh said.

Combs faces charges for stealing the truck and for drug possession.