'Meet the Chief' event to be held in Danville Saturday

Community activist organized event to bring police, community together

DANVILLE, Va. – A weekend party aims to help strengthen the relationship between police and the community they serve.

It's called "Meet the Chief" and will be held at 224 Clement Avenue in Danville from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

Hundreds of flyers are being distributed for the event.

The man who lives at the house where the event will be held, Abdul Hakim Abdulah, organized it.

He held an event last year and hopes to build on the success this year.

"A lot of people showed up.The police officers came and were involved with the children, playing games. We're going to have hot dogs and hamburgers this year, we're going to be on the grill, we're going to have sodas and ice cream," Abdulah said.

He hopes to hold another event next year and make it even bigger.

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Colter Anstaett

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