Lynchburg officers, citizens walk to improve community

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Lynchburg Police Department officers took some steps — literally — to help keep a part of the city safe and clean.

LPD officers led a group of city employees and faith leaders on a walk around the College Hill neighborhood Wednesday afternoon. Officers knocked on doors to chat with neighbors about their concerns while also taking note of neighborhood eyesores such as trash piles and abandoned cars.

Lynchburg police Sgt. Gary Fink says these walks are one of the best ways to look after the needs of the people.

"Our concerns may be totally different from theirs, but they live in the neighborhood, and that's why you have to hear what their concerns are," Fink said. "It lets them know that we are doing our job; they see us acting on their concerns and enforcing the proper city codes and state codes."

The group also included Councilman Sterling Wilder, who represents the neighborhood on the City Council.

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