Social media helps reunite Franklin County woman with her dog after 7+ years

'I thought she was gone but I didn't stop looking'

BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. – A Franklin County woman never gave up hope of finding her dog after she went missing several years ago.

Lady, a beagle and lab mix, is back where she belongs.

"I thought she was gone but I didn't stop looking," said Arlene Quinn-Wood.

Quinn-Wood said her dog was taken from her home in Franklin County more than seven years ago.

Then, pictures of Lady showed up on the Bedford County Animal Shelter Facebook page.

"I checked all the animal controls in the area and I didn't know she would be so far away," said Quinn-Wood.

These are pictures of her when she was younger.

Arlene remembered specific markings and a scar that could only belong to Lady. 

"She has a scar that goes most of her entire stomach and the lady says, 'Yes she has a scar.' She said it's a really big scar," said Quinn-Wood.

Lady was picked up as a stray by animal control.

"She was very lethargic and dehydrated. Even thinner than she is now," said Quinn-Wood.

Whatever happened to Lady during those lost years, Arlene noticed. 

"I was kind of aware. But when I got here she was staggering and she almost falling down. She was really weak," said Quinn-Wood.

"It was amazing. Just seeing Arlene's face. Seeing a slight bit of recognition. It took Lady a little bit. It was a beautiful experience," said President of Friends of Bedford County Animal Shelter Stacy Epperson.

"It's my birthday. The best birthday present I ever had," said Quinn-Wood.

Arlene is already envisioning what kind of life she'd like for Lady to have from here on out.  

'I'd like for her to be peaceful and have a good rest of her life," said Quinn-Wood.

Lady is getting used to her surroundings and now has a new bond with other dogs in her home.

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