Friends shocked after Roanoke man shot, killed: 'Everybody is taking it hard'

A close friend remembers Chad Erndt fondly

ROANOKE, Va. – Those who were close to a Roanoke man killed over the weekend said Monday that they’re heartbroken.

Police confirmed Monday that it was 30-year-old Chad Erndt who was shot and killed late Saturday night in a parking lot near a northeast Roanoke bar. They said they have not made any arrests.

Jeremy Newcomb, who says he’s a close friend of Erndt, said he’s shocked and his death has been really tough for his friend group to deal with. He was so upset, he cried and dropped his phone when he read the news.

“Hard. Hard,” Newcomb said. “Everybody is taking it hard."

His friends are remembering him fondly.

“Chad was just a ball of energy. He was always outgoing. He was always the fun person. If you were down he wanted to cheer you up. He wanted to be the life of the party,” Newcomb said.

They don’t know what may have happened Saturday night. Witnesses said they heard 10 gunshots near W.R. Brews on Williamson Road.

Newcomb said Erndt was a loving father to his 12-year-old daughter and liked to pull pranks on friends.

“That’s just the kind of guy he was,” Newcomb said.

Erndt’s girlfriend posted on Facebook, “He’s gone but I’ll never forget him.”

No warrants have been filed in Roanoke city court regarding the investigation.

A GoFundMe page is raising money for funeral expenses.

Many people asked 10 News why police said on Sunday that they don’t believe there was any further danger to the community when the alleged shooter had not been found. A police spokesperson said that police said there was no danger because the scene had been cleared and secured.

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