Police remove, arrest protester who attached himself to Mountain Valley Pipeline helicopter

Man used a Sleeping Dragon device to secure himself on rotor

Credit: Appalachians Against Pipelines

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va. – Virginia State Police say they arrested a Mountain Valley Pipeline protester Monday morning.

Police found the protester attached to a contracted pipeline helicopter at a work site on Cove Hollow Road, near Route 460 in Montgomery County, according to the Virginia State Police.

Authorities removed and arrested Galen Sol Shirman-Grabowski, 24, of Tuscon, Arizona.

Pipeline security found Grabowski masked and attached to the rotor mast of the helicopter by a Sleeping Dragon device, refusing to leave.

There was a banner on the helicopter that said, "DOOM TO THE PIPELINE," according to Appalachians Against Pipelines.

Grabowski is the 18th "pipeline fighter" to lock his or her body to Mountain Valley Pipeline equipment in 2019, according to Appalachians Against Pipelines.

Grabowski was charged with the following:

  • Tamper/damage an aircraft (felony)
  • Prohibition of wearing of masks in certain places (felony)
  • Obstructing justice, without force (misdemeanor)
  • Entering property of another for the purpose of damaging it (misdemeanor)
  • Breaking, injuring, defacing, destroying or preventing the operation of vehicle, aircraft or boat (misdemeanor)
  • Injuring property (misdemeanor)

Grabowski is being held without bond.

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