Roanoke's RIDE Solutions offers monthlong challenge

Biking, walking, bus riding, carpooling earn you prizes

ROANOKE, Va. – You can win prizes this month simply by walking or riding a bike.

Roanoke's RIDE Solutions is trying to encourage people to walk, bike, take the bus or carpool to wherever they're going instead of driving.

You can log your miles through the RIDE Solutions app or website.

The miles earn you points, which will get you things like gift cards and Ride Solutions gear.

"By getting  those miles off the road, we're actually reducing congestion, helping people who need to or want to drive get there faster. As we enter the holiday shopping season, we look at the economic impact. Most of what you spend on a gallon of gas leaves the local economy, so if you're not buying gas that's more money to spend in the local economy," RIDE Solutions Director Jeremy Holmes said.

The goal is to have 100,000 logged by the end of the month.