Fill the Boot for muscular dystrophy is back

Oct. 18, Lynchburg's firefighters will be take donations at shopping centers

LYNCHBURG, Va. – The Fill the Boot fundraiser for muscular dystrophy is back.

Oct. 18, Lynchburg’s firefighters will be accepting donations at shopping centers across the Hill City for the annual campaign.

Tarrah Osmulski, a local mom and firefighter, said her daughter, Kennedy, was diagnosed at 6 months old.

She’s now 5.

Osmulski said every day they have with her is a blessing and the money donated will go a long way for Kennedy and others living with the disease.

“Over the last five years since she was diagnosed, not only have we seen treatments, multiple treatments, but now (there’s) a potential cure for infants that are newly diagnosed and that’s huge. And really that all just comes from research, from the funding of Fill the Boot,” Osmulski said.

Arby’s also donated $20,000 towards MDA’s summer camp to help local children.